NOLA cemetery tour.

~St. louis cemetery II, we looked for Marie Laveau’s grave for HOURS. Turns out it’s in cemetery #1. Fucks a lot, Dean.


~I see a humerus, at least one femur, ribs, the handles from multiple caskets, and the front of a pelvis. If I had handled the pelvis in a lab, I might have been able to estimate the sex of that individual. The pubic symphysis (spot where the two bones join in the front), is more angular in women, and more rounded in men, especially at the posterior aspect.


~Ghosts need steps to stand on top



~These little bottles of liquid seem to be popular with ghosts. I don’t know what it is, I can’t read the text.

~What a badass!

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3 Responses to NOLA cemetery tour.

  1. Organic Meatbag says:

    Awesome shots! I hope to get down to New Orleans in April or May…

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