Alley, the ertswhile Wunderhund

My dog is an escape artist. She can escape the just about anything! Evil clutches, zombies, tanks of water, the yard. And so, this is how I come to know the Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Alley, the fugitive

Alley, the fugitive

Alley got out and was gone for a few hours, so a lady took her in and had the pound pick her up, which sort of annoys me because she’s just down the street, I would have come and picked her up and given the lady a bottle of wine or something for her trouble. But, still, she gets out a lot and our luck was going to run thin eventually.

So, I went down there and filled out the paperwork, they showed me all the dogs. She was in the very last pen and I was starting to get nervous that she wasn’t there. I saw a few dogs that looked like her, and a shimmer of recognition passed through me before I concluded, “No. Not Alley.” The dogs I looked at totally faked it and acted like they knew me. Jerks. Anyway, she saw me and looked so relieved and contrite. She was in a pen with a mean Jack Russell terrier who bit her in the face and growled at her. Serves her right.

The people who worked there were really professional and down-to-earth. The lady behind the counter asked if I wanted to “spring” my dog, like she was in jail. I waited for Alley to be processed in the yard outside the office, overlooking the kennel. There were several puppies that looked like purebreds, all behind a chain link fence in pens. It was like a junkyard for dogs. I remember the first time I went I was filled with sadness, but this time I wasn’t emotional at all. I don’t know why. Maybe because this time I do get to spring one of them.

After two hours and $162 worth of fines, shots and registration, I took her home. She hopped in my car and sprawled out on the passenger seat contentedly. I got her ice cream and took her for a drive in the park, she’s had a hard day. Then I went around the yard with fence posts and a handful of nails, to patch any holes. Not surprisingly, I found a cracked slat they must have pushed on. I nailed up a new post and felt quite handy.

One cool thing is that she’s now registered nationally with Avid, so anybody who calls the number on her tag can tell she’s ours. It’s a good idea, especially if your dog is a Wunderhund.

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