Lyuba, baby mammoth

Lyuba, a baby mammoth discovered in 2007 in Si...

Lyuba, a baby mammoth discovered in 2007 in Siberia. It is part of a special exhibit “Mammoths and Mastadons” at the Field Museum through September. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m all about the Pleistocene epoch tonight. Something about megafauna just makes be all gooshy inside.If I were designing a species, I’d definitely be a “k strategist”; call me a sentimental. As I think everyone has heard by now, a baby mammoth named Lyuba by a researcher, in honor of his wife, was found in the Yamal Peninsula of Russia, by a reindeer herder. Two different shifts of mammoths existed in the area, clade I and clade II, one of which was more geographically widespread than the other.
 The Nenets, the people of the region, are fiercely protective of their culture (Jstor  password required), and the discoverer, Yuri, has mixed feelings on the discovery. It appears the baby died at around the age of one month old, of suffocation.

It makes me sad that a baby mammoth died of suffocation, but it might just be because of the hearthwrenching scene depicted on this National Geographic page. They will pull your heartstrings, guys.

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