Emotional Weather Report

10:36pmToday while driving home through the rain after work, I listened to the news station on the radio. “A wildfire of unknown origin in California is consuming houses and leaving dense residential areas charred recollections,” the female reporter with the brisk yet warm voice began. Earlier today I heard an interview with a family patriarch, describing how he saw his house engulfed in flames on television, how they had expected to go back after a few days, and hadn’t taken out their things.

Meanwhile, tornadic weather is barreling down my street, pushing my car into other lanes and churning large quantities or rainwater beneath my undercarriage. “Memos to Nancy Pelosi reveal she had been briefed about extreme interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, in which the subject is repeatedly made to feel as if they are drowning, then released, then drowned again.” The deluge continued outside my car, the water’s impact on my car made it hard to hear the radio. “In local news, this sudden thunderstorm poses a risk to people in low lying areas, and carries a flash-flood advisory.” I started looking for suspiciously flat spots on the road. “This wave of the storm will pass, but it will be repeated around 7pm as the second wave arrives.”


Damn. I was going to “talk about things” with my ex over dinner at 7.

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