Baxter Avenue Train Station

One of the first times I met up with my now ex boyfriend, we went to this train station. It’s not the typical dating meet up place, but it suited us. It was the middle of the hottest summer I can remember, and the heat made me feel strung out even when I was totally sober. I met him up there and we sipped beer out of a case he’d stashed in my backpack and ignored an attention-starved sixteen year old indigent. In the dark, we crept through the ruins of the station, hoping nobody was home. We leaned way over the railing and he hanged off the metal spokes over a tall drop off. I was scared but so hot and taken with this strange new person that I relaxed and let the experience wash over me. Every few minutes we would hear a squeal from the nearby pig slaughterhouse, like an absurd metronome.

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