I was really afraid of the Cloverfield trailer.

So, when the Cloverfield trailers started showing up online and on TV, I was terrified. The overwhelming size of the strange creature triggered my arachnophobia in a major way. I tried to confront my fear by researching the movie online, listening to interviews with the director. It seems they modeled the animal’s eyes after the eyes of a scared horse, the white is visible all the way around the eye. They were trying to make it looks scared, rather than malevolent.

Anyway, I was really scared by the trailer and the scary noises and stuff, and I started having nightmares. I had a dream that the monster was in my city and I ran from the ruins of one house to another hiding from it. Eventually I ended up in a little Jewish family’s house. A grandmother, mother, father and a boy of about 11 were reading together from the Torah as the animal raged down the street. The noises became louder and more violent as the beast approached, and the street light started to flicker. When the light started to go out, the grandmother turned to a little boy, who was reading, and told him in Yiddish (which I don’t speak, but in my dream understood), “Put the book down. now is not the time to read religious texts, now is the time to write them.”

CREEPY. I had to see the damn movie to get over my fears, and it wasn’t half as scary as my dream.

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2 Responses to I was really afraid of the Cloverfield trailer.

  1. benben78 says:

    My partner and I saw Cloverfield during our first trip to ‘Gold Class’ (luxury seats, food and drinks served etc) and we were in awe.

    When we left the cinema and walked home we both imagined the monster towering over the buildings on the way to our house. That was scarier than the movie! hehe!

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