I had a dream that I was young again, and got into a fight with another girl and was sent away to some labor camp for wayward youths. I had expected some industrial setting, working in a textile mill or something, but I ended up in an agricultural camp. There were lots of kids there, thrashing the seeds off the tops of weeds by hand. I didn’t know what to do so I watched another girl about my age, 12 or 13, as she deftly parted the seeds from the chaff. It was almost dusk in my dream, and the sun was behind her, and she was very beautiful in her iconic threadbare flannel shirt and suspenders. She caught me watching her, returning my look with a resigned, jaded expression, then started to sing a lonesome western song in an unexpectedly gravelly voice. She sounded like a baby Janis Joplin as she wavered, “and my sugar-daddy is gonna take me away.”

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