Turn Left at the Dinosaur

Nanshiungosaurus is a genus of coelurosaurian ...

Nanshiungosaurus is a genus of coelurosaurian dinosaur, and like other members of that infraorder, the animals of this genus probably possessed large claws, but since nothing of the skull, tail, ribs or limbs have been found, analysis has focused solely on the vertebrae and pelvis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, a Creationism Museum opened in my state. You know, Adam and Eve riding dinosaurs? I mean, as a species, we’re pretty bad ass, but we’re just not that bad ass. No dinosaur riding. The opening was a huge hit and at something like $22 a pop, over 720,000 people have visited, greatly exceeding the annual expectation of 200,000 people. Such jewels from a visitor:

“Science tries to discredit God,” said Della Davidson, a parent accompanying Westside’s field trip with her 12-year-old daughter, Kyla. The museum “shows how God can discredit science.”


Anyway, I was laughing about it with a friend and then went to check out my email inbox. A friend out in the country was sending me directions to her house. “Take 65 to my exit. Turn left at the giant dinosaur. Go slowly, there are Amish.”

OMG, technologically unprogressive people living alongside dinosaur! Then I played with her kid and made a Dinosaur drive a car! Synchronicity!

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