Can I get a dose response curve on this?

Thank God somebody has cleared this up for me.

This site calculates that it would take 143 Blue Bawls to kill me. Good thing I’ve never even made it close, two or three seem to be enough to keep me perking along without tachycardia. Three cream soda flavored Bawls energy drinks will make me focused, slightly euphoric and alert; five would leave me spastic on the bathroom floor, wishing I’d mopped. Remember my earlier post about Paracelsus and hormesis? No? That’s ok, I linked you, should you be interested. Anyway, there is a point in the dose of any drug which will result in maximum efficacy with least likely occurrence of side effects.

The phenomenon can be expressed as a line graph:

I suppose these researchers used a statistical significance of .01, but I don’t guess it matters, it’s just an example.

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