How to get Published, or so they tell me:

Don’t send your manuscripts to Red Hen Press unless you can name drop on the cover letter. Don’t get discouraged, Toni. The main thing you need is a piece of great writing. Write like a grown up, have an arc, have a story worth telling, have an editor look over your work.

Keep one of those moleskin journals around with you. You’ll think you look preposterous carrying it around until you’re the only guy without one.

Know who is writing what, and who will be interested in your work. Send things out on a regular basis, but make sure they are finished first.

Don’t rush to publish.

Don’t put your good stuff up online or nobody will want it. You’ll be “that girl” and nobody will ever love you and you’ll die alone with all your cats, sort of like that lady in that story I published on here but it’s ok bc it’s a rough draft. Right? I don’t really know.

Expect to plan your own tour and sleep on your mom’s couch, then your friend’s couch, then a stranger’s couch, then your cousin’s couch.

Name drop, but only people you actually know, lest the addressee call and check your references.

Be prepared to lie, anyway.

Submit to anthologies and if you are working on a collection, submit the individual pieces to journals who will buy one-time printing rights.

Don’t write about heroin use. Don’t start your stories with “The alarm clock went off….”. Don’t abuse adverbs or similes.

Don’t copy Hemmingway.

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One Response to How to get Published, or so they tell me:

  1. It does take time. It took me a decade, but my novel, “The Mandolin Case,” made it after about thirty revisions. All I wanted was to get to enjoy the ride. So far it has been fun.

    Dr. B

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