Last Night:

I had a dream that a man was chasing me, shooting at me. He must have really wanted to kill me, because he chased me all night. I hid in a car, but he shot at me as the car drove off and he blew off my toe; I pretended not to notice. He went ahead of me and blew up the train station he knew I’d be using. I saw the flames, but decided to try and pass through it anyway. He’d strapped people to the walls of the train tunnels by their scalps, and in the explosion, their bodies were mostly blown away. The straps pulled their faces tight and they looked at me with some amount of awareness. I left two with the rescue workers, who seemed to be letting nature take its course, but I found another man deeper into the tunnel. He was suffering, but breathing, and the straps pulled his face back so that his eyes were drawn wide. I tried to suffocate him with my backpack, but I couldn’t, so I left him there.

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4 Responses to Last Night:

  1. Occam Young says:

    I had a dream in the early 2000s that I was sitting in a car in a K Mart parking at night, when a man walked up to the car, opened the door and put a gun to my head. After I gave him all of my money and belongings he shot me in the head and killed me. I woke up and couldn’t move and couldn’t breathe. I thought I really was dead for a few minutes.

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