So, a few years ago I attended a great party. It was one of those parties where people stay over, hang out, and reconvene over a long weekend. It was fun, but eventually I wearied of the company. I hated people. I needed coffee. I needed lonesome Wikipedia searching and islands with one citizen and I needed ghost towns…. which is how I came upon Fudge, Kentucky.

The Wikipedia page began, and at this moment still begins with “Fudge was-” and I was hooked. “Was” as in, it is a town which no longer anthings, especially doesn’t ask me to go to the store and buy stuff. Fudge was a silly name, but some places are like that, especially small ones. Kentucky has other somewhat more likely ghost towns, one being a Civil War point of interest, Kentucky being a border state. Wikipedia mentioned its use in more than one music video. One video was attributed to a band I have not been able to locate, and the other was attributed to the rock band The Flaming Lips.

At once, upon reading this, I was intrigued. The page asserted that The Flaming Lips had used the town as a backdrop to the video for their song “Chrome Plated Suicide.” I searched for this video, I looked for photographs, I wanted to find them- but nothing. As far as I could tell, there was no video to look for. The only mentions I found of it online were copy and paste jobs from the original Wikipedia page.

Four years later, I remembered this page. I read the page again, and it was pretty much as I remembered it. A soil sample from the county the town was supposed to have been set in was linked to the page, possibly to verify the “salinity of the soil,” but I couldn’t read the report.

In any case, the weather was good and I had some time so I wanted to see Fudge, Kentucky For myself. I started looking on Google Maps. Then Google Earth. Then Panoramio. And nothing. There are no photos of this place, and people within the local message board deny any knowledge of the town… so I changed the Wikipedia page. I’ve never changed anything on Wikipedia, past correcting grammar or typos. But it wasn’t right. So now it’s different.

Update: the page was deleted sometime in early 2013. I guess it’s a ghost page now.

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