An impartial jury for our crimes.

I love finding out how smart animals are, like crows using tools and octopi picking locks. All that talk about finding intelligent life forms in outer space– when they’ve been here all along, at the bottom of the ocean, completely uninterested in our doings.

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One Response to An impartial jury for our crimes.

  1. Ermilia says:

    I absolutely agree. Just think about how much better dogs learn our language than we learn there’s. My puppy stares out the window and whines. “Do you have to go potty?” I ask. “Did you see a bird?” “Why are you barking, what do you want?” In frustration, she snaps at me. “Do you want to play?”

    However, all I have to say is “bring ball,” and she runs off into the back yard and retrieves her toy for me to throw. She’s up to almost 40 words now and yet I still can’t always figure out when she needs to go outside.

    -Elia Hawthorne

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