Weathered little ponies

Frankenstorm “Sandy” made landfall in Boston about an hour ago; I have family there and pictures of New York’s 34th street all flooded are making me nervous. I suppose for that reason I’ve read up on the storm only tangentially:

Chincoteague Island is off the coast of Virginia, and is home to a type of pony found only there. No one is quite sure how they got there, but one theory is that they escaped from sinking pirate ships. The islands have high ground, which the volunteer fire department said the animals would find instinctively.

A book I read and loved as a kid is based on just this sort of event. Stormy, Misty’s Foal follows the story of a family and their mare who foals during a epic storm. The foal is, logically, named Stormy.


This was not the last of the series, if that sets your mind to rest.

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