Yogi Tea wants you to be a colossal faker.

I was making myself some herbal tea before bedtime one evening, and came across this little gem; “Act Selfless, You Will Be Infinite” it reads. I’m not sure what it was supposed to mean, however, this is a good time to point out how grammar matters. See, “Act Selfless” does not imply that the person doing the acting is actually doing some selfless act– merely that they are acting like they are selfless. If I said to a friend “I gave my tax return to charity,” even without having done so, I would be acting selfless. Were I to act selflessly, that would be another matter altogether.

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4 Responses to Yogi Tea wants you to be a colossal faker.

  1. Sliced Science says:

    Great post! For some reason, the phrase almost sounds like something like out of a fortune cookie, but I had a good laugh from it 🙂

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