10 Recreational Uses for Drones (and two informational paragraphs)

Drones, also sometimes called “unmanned aerial vehicles,” have recently been deployed to Niger to assist in the French suppression of Queda and “affiliated fighters” in neighboring Mali, which has a long history of French occupation. The use of drone strikes in Afghanistan is probably well known, but the extent of their use is hotly debated, here by Columbia University’s Human Rights Law Review editor Naureen Shah, and here by a US senator.

Domestic use of drones appears to be looming, with opposition noted by such disparate sources as NPR, the Tea Party website, and Al Jazeera, as well as the ACLU. Excerpts from one ACLU writer’s response were reported here by Fox News, plus another ACLU writer (among many ACLU writers wary of this development) reporting from the ACLU website directly

But I’m an optimist!

Use of drones in the US only raises awareness and makes it easier to procure one on the internet, or make one yourself. This opens up a world of hijinks! Possibilities are endless, but these ten ideas came to my mind first:

1.) Fight crime by flying 12 feet over the ground and tagging wrongdoers with paintballs.

2.) Monitor traffic 1 mile ahead of me during every commute.

3.) Hunt. Deer sniping if you don’t think using your unmanned aerial vehicle is sporting enough. If that’s too brutal for you, you could blast an air horn, just to see the looks on their faces.

4.) Fly behind people and talk to them through a radio.

5.) Check out my outfit

6.) Find a parking space

7.) Spy on other agencies’ drones (profit?)

8.) Ring other people’s doorbells, then fly away. But not before they open the door and see a drone hovering outside their door.

9.) Take pictures of people sleeping against the windows of airplanes. From the outside.

10.) Get drunk and drive it around just to feel like I’m flying

Tell me, what fun or convenient stuff would you do if you had a drone?

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