Words are hard. As in difficult.

El caudillo del sur

El caudillo del sur (Photo credit: sarihuella)

Caudal, from the Latin caudum means “tail,” or “towards the tail.” However, caudillo does not mean “little tail,” but instead means “head.” As in the head of a regime.

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4 Responses to Words are hard. As in difficult.

  1. Jen Marvelous says:

    what a great blog! My bro. and I are planning a camping trip to the abandoned PA turnpike and he sent me a link to your trip. Thanks!! You’re not in Philly are you? If so, I’d be up for some random exploration of urban decay, like I’ve never even been to the divine lorraine. I also love natural science so just enjoying the blog.

    • Oh thanks so much! I have fun putting it together. The turnpike was a ton of fun, and less difficult to get to than I imagined it would be. The Pike 2 Bike group has some helpful sites that I link to, and probably more.

      I’m not in Philadelphia, sadly. What is the divine lorraine?

  2. Jen Marvelous says:

    Me, husb + 4 kids plan to join my bro at the turnpike for camping +maybe biking next fall, I’m looking forward to it! we’re really enjoying your pages + I will check out links.
    too bad you’re not in philly, I need an excuse to get in the divine lorraine, basic urban spelunking and a Philly favorite, here’s a couple sites for an idea of the place. Have a great weekend!

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