Abda of Dair Koni

Church and cresent moon

Church and cresent moon (Photo credit: settme3)

Today I refuse to tell you about any of the saints who have their feast day today, but will instead tell you about Abda of Dair Koni— who has no feast day at all.

Because he may or may not be made up.

Abda was born to an “immoral woman” and left to die of exposure. Instead he became an abbot of The Church of the East. Little is known about him, other than that he taught Mar Abba, a patriarch of the Church of the East; to note, there is no reference of him on Abba’s page. After doing his religious work, Abda retired to the Serser River, which also may or not be made up, and was buried in Kynai. Supposedly.

I got all this material off Wikipedia, but as far as references go….. that’s as far as they go.

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