The saddest bunch of saints I know.

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Felicula, foster sister of St. Petronilla, who was the spiritual daughter of St. Peter.  Sidenote– both of the female saints, as well as the other female saint I was going to do, as venerated as virgins. The only reasonable assumption I can draw from this is that all the male saints (including monks, priests, and hermits) got around or they’d be venerated too. 

St. Petronilla was imprisoned in a tower and died of a hunger strike after being ordered to marry a pagan king, or perhaps a Roman official, depending on which version of the story you believe. St. Felicula was imprisoned as well; she starved to death in jail and her body was thrown in a sewer. In one version of events, her body was found by St. Nicomedes, who was later martyred by being beaten to death with whips.

St. Peter was also martyred by Nero, who had him crucified. Nero also crucified his own mother.  By his own request, Peter was crucified upside down. Because he was a one-upper like that.

Killing makes Nero so sad.
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