What I go through for you people.

Depending on the day, the top three search results for this blog are Midgetville, “hyena as pet” and “terminal burrowing syndrome.” Because I am so giving and care so much about each and every one of you, I try to write to what people want. It’s also boring writing if nobody reads it. Sooo, I was going to do a follow up to the paradoxical undressing post I did for Halloween. I was thinking of doing something about angel lust would be fun to write about, and I could probably put it in a neutral, semi-high brow context that wouldn’t be inappropriate for reading at work.

And that’s how I got to this freaky-ass Xanga site:

Baby Jesus Has a Boner

Clearly the hubster can be a morning-bitch phobic control freak who wants to establish a firm hand on my reins before I’ve had a chance to get mouthy, and rightly so, but before I can challenge his ass (most definitely a pun in case you missed it); he simply grabbed a full palm-full of panty elastic and lead me out front.

Oh, and how did I land on this during my search for “death erection,” you ask? Well, apparently there was a trend in the Renaissance to depict Jesus with one. I don’t know why, I didn’t get very far. It’s sort of like interpreting Japanese culture, I really don’t get it but I feel like I might object to something. Maybe. In any case, she put together a nativity scene with her child’s anatomically correct doll, and because the genitals are inherently lewd (which is why she gave the doll to her kid?)– she put pants on the baby Jesus. But you could see his parts through the pants, which she objected to, so she gave them a little trim.

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