Polly Freeze and good intentions

Polly Freeze in Georgetown, Indiana.

Out in semi-rural Georgetown, Indiana, just a stone’s throw from the semi-famous but always appreciated Georgetown Drive-In, there is an ice cream stand that softens the blow from being turned away for a showing of Planet of the Apes. What happened next went something like this:

“I’ll put a bottle of water in my bag so I don’t buy myself a milkshake.”

Fifteen minutes later, getting out of the car to get a milkshake

“Fuck, this water is heavy.”

Anyway. They sell marshmallow milkshakes. Marshmallow. Milkshakes. These guys are clouds and songs and heaven and forgetting all wrapped up in a paper cup, handed to me by an overworked service sector angel. It was everything I never knew milkshakes could be, and I forgive milkshakes all the wrongs they have done against me.

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One Response to Polly Freeze and good intentions

  1. occamyoung says:

    Finally. It only took a million years.

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