Don’t act like it’s not transactional

Basic economics should surprise no one; privileged few have the luxury of any interpretation other than the most pragmatic interpretation possible. Sometime last summer an “Advice for Girls” post went viral, encouraging women to strike back at the patriarchy at every opportunity. “Advice for Girls” was exciting and exuberant, yet somehow in the ensuing flood of Facebook shares, it wasn’t pointed out that nobody was waiting for encouragement in the first place. Few can live entirely on their own terms, everything comes at a cost; the notion that the general public can afford to address every gendered affront is wildly out of touch. Who can afford to lose their job, their relationships, their family, raise the ire of their bus driver or whoever?

The world is unfair. I respect your decisions and trust that you are acting in your own best interest as you navigate a lot of really shitty practicalities.


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