Taken Seriously

It is possible for a woman to benefit from the patriarchy, even if the patriarchy has been catastrophic for women in general. Contributions made by women aren’t given due respect in academics, business, or in conversation. Women have a hard time being taken seriously, this isn’t up for debate. Here is how women benefit from this dismissal– when women bring sexual assault charges to court, they are undermined; likewise, when sexual assault charges are brought against women, those charges aren’t taken seriously either. Feminist discourse should address this, women should be burning down the houses of female sexual abusers, but that doesn’t happen. When women commit these crimes, it’s to their advantage that they aren’t taken seriously, and the patriarchy protects them.

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2 Responses to Taken Seriously

  1. R.W. Keeler says:

    I’m so glad I’m still subscribed to your blog and that you’re still writing! These new posts were all so great to read. Keep it up!

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