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Sex and Death

A Valentine’s Day tribute to murder ballads covers songs about men killing their loved ones, and the female in the Western psyche. Mexican narco-saint Santa Muerte, patron of sex workers made it onto this page instead of the “Religion” page … Continue reading

St. Barnabas and death from above

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Barnabas, martyr and one of the earliest disciples. St Barnabas, also referred to as Joseph or its Greek variant Joses, sold a piece his land and gave the proceeds to the apostles. … Continue reading

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Just Death

I wrote about hypothermia and the “Hide and Die syndrome” as a spooky Halloween-season post. It’s still the only post where people click on the links. Way to go ! (?) They hanged an elephant in Erwin Tennessee I used to … Continue reading

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Murderous Mary and the Darkness in the South

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the hanging of performing elephant Mary. During a parade in Erwin, Tennessee, Mary’s handler prodded her away from a watermelon rind and struck her on an undiscovered and painfully impacted tooth. Mary, a generally … Continue reading

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I did a “Saint of the Day” series: spiders coming out of noses, antipopes in the midwest, freak hailstorms, people getting ripped apart on iron horses– it was all just too much. Check it out: Mexican martyr and saint Joseph … Continue reading

About this blog

This blog has been around since 2008 but has never developed a clear direction. Most visitors arrive here looking for information on some interest we share, like fringe travel or gruesome deaths, or (weirdly) hyenas. Please use the pages I … Continue reading

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Snow fleas telemores and aspenglow

It’s Fall now, Colorado had its first blizzard and I got to wear a cardigan for a minute this morning. We just got over a relatively mild summer here, but I was all set with wintry literature just in case … Continue reading

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“Angel Lust” is a euphemism for the ages

So, in my travels, I have seen many things, but one of the things I have been spared is the Death Erection. Luckily, the internet is here to ruin me to everything. This post is probably not safe for work, I want you to know. If that’s an issue, you can check out my recipes or literature reviews or something. Continue reading

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Scopolamine, Upstream Color and Premature Burial

Vice magazine‘s two year old documentary covers the varied and nefarious uses of scopolamine, an extract from the seeds of the Datura plant. Though the exact toxicity level of the drug is unknown, even very small amounts can result in death. At … Continue reading

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Dominique You, as in “more badass than…”

I found this plaque on a New Orleans cemetery crypt a few years ago. They compare Dominique You, a turn of the century “privateer, pirate, and soldier” to French knight Pierre Terrail, seignur de Bayard, and I think it’s pretty hot. Go look at … Continue reading

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