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Pennsylvania Turnpike part 2 (placing the turnpike’s failure in context 1997-2003)

This post is part of a larger series on the online history of the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. A previous post covered its physical history and precarious future, as the tunnel falls into disrepair here. Another reports on the online history … Continue reading

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smash it to bits

The patriarchy that dismisses domestic violence complaints from women also dismisses them from men. The same patriarchy that cut reproductive health funding also sends boys and men, overwhelmingly black, to jail in staggering numbers. Further, where the patriarchy dehumanizes women … Continue reading

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Social networks and families destabilized by the patriarchy and not mitigated by feminism. People exist in context. The impositions upon men hurt the women in their lives. Incarceration and barriers to employment for convicted criminals, who are generally men, directly … Continue reading

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On Resiliency

Last year Councilwoman Barbara Sexton spoke at the Louisville Women’s Leadership Conference. The theme was “Readiness, Resilience, and Results,” echoing her keynote partner Karen Hough’s rhetorical question, “Are you resilient?” And no, most people are not. Resilience is a situation, … Continue reading

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Taken Seriously

It is possible for a woman to benefit from the patriarchy, even if the patriarchy has been catastrophic for women in general. Contributions made by women aren’t given due respect in academics, business, or in conversation. Women have a hard … Continue reading

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Feminists work in banks

If caregiving like working at a daycare is undercompensated and generally performed by women, then supporting occupational caregivers should be as big a part of the conversation as maternity leave is.

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Learn Better

The assumption that education necessarily leads to stability or wealth is never examined, but it should be. Last year a women’s group held a ten-week training for women interested in working construction, a job that doesn’t generally require formal training … Continue reading

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