I reviewed a show by Robbie Fulks for Louisville-centric music blog 37 Flood. America is a hard religion, I agree.

Graveface Records in Georgia was kind enough to include something I wrote about Murderous Mary (the Unlucky Elephant) in their Halloween magazine Corpse Reviver. The magazine came with Marshmallow Ghost music, so it is clearly a winner and dear to my heart.

My very first publication ever was in Bejeezus, a sadly defunct Louisville zine with all kinds of great strangeness. I had a story and an interview with Ultra Pulverize and a macaroni and cheese recipe that came with a drawing of my cat.

New Orleans Based Catahoula Zine will be including some of my fiction in the May issue of their quarterly publication. The theme was money and it only sort of fit, but I guess they liked it because they took it anyway.

The lovely and incisive The Opal Club out of New York has included a piece of nonfiction I wrote just for them. Thanks Opal Club!


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