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Pennsylvania Turnpike part 2 (placing the turnpike’s failure in context 1997-2003)

This post is part of a larger series on the online history of the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. A previous post covered its physical history and precarious future, as the tunnel falls into disrepair here. Another reports on the online history … Continue reading

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Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike part 2 (1989-2000)

Despite a serious lack of sex appeal, the turnpike’s online history is almost as interesting as its physical history. The post I wrote in 2009 had by 2016 become completely defunct– the pictures were outdated and of poor quality relative to what iphones upload by the million to Instagram; half my links were dead; excellent writers made better posts than I had on the same material; and the internet just works better now. At rewriting, the most interesting thing I can share about my experience with the turnpike is witnessing the decline of the tunnel as relayed by exponentially improving technology. Continue reading

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Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike Part 1

Before the asphalt was even poured, the turnpike was born of abandonment. Today the tunnels are in a precarious situation– caught between conservation efforts and financial realities, and merit more than the casual interest of road trippers. Continue reading

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Doña Marina: Ghost of Summer Betrayals

Dona Marina goes by many names, some of them more respectful than others. Spanish soldiers had her renamed during a presumably forced baptized along with some other twenty young women in preparation for distribution to Cortes’s captains. Her Christian name became “Marina,” a common Spanish name at the time. Under her Christian name, following her delivery to Cortes, Malinche participated in the capture of Aztec city Tenochtitlan culminating during the summer of 1531. Continue reading

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Baxter Avenue Train Station

Though it was built in 1937, by the time I got there, and hadn’t seen passenger service in many decades. The line runs through past the stockyards and at some point it might have been used for livestock or killing floor escapees had holed up there; the rooms still smelled strongly of pigs. I didn’t know it at the time, but I must have passed through the negro waiting room and the ticket office. Continue reading

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Last week I sat down with the unflappable Michael Polston for a Halloween-themed recording of his podcast You Eight It. The podcast, available free here, covers a sordid and sometimes hilarious array of topics: tampons, gas masks, meth, nursery rhymes, … Continue reading

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WWZ not actually a zombie movie. Or a war movie, for that matter.

I would argue that WWZ is not a zombie movie, it is an action movie with zombies in it. This isn’t meant as criticism, I loved the movie, it’s got travel and a ton of great characters and it’s fast paced– … Continue reading

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