I did a “Saint of the Day” series: spiders coming out of noses, antipopes in the midwest, freak hailstorms, people getting ripped apart on iron horses– it was all just too much. Check it out:

Mexican martyr and saint Joseph Perez was buried and presumably is still buried in Salvatierra Mexico. He was executed for holding mass in pre-revolution Mexico.

William of York, mister popularity decided he was an archbishop, bought himself the title, and people went with it. His followers tore down a brick abbey with their bare hands. Also back them all men were named William.

St. Norbert drank a spider out of the communion chalice and it crawled out his nose.

These three saints had a run-in with Nero and it ended up about as well as you would expect.

Brat Albert lost his leg fighting in the Prussian war, became a popular oil painter, then gave up his art to work with the poor.

St. Benno was an archbishop who had to deal with some of the craziest-sounding shit. There was an “anti-imperial line” of popes who competed for authority with the anti-pope the king had placed. Benno was on team anti-pope.

St. Barnabas was stoned to death and now he is patron saint of hailstorms and “death from above” so I wrote about a freak hailstorm that killed a bunch of people.

The other posts are entertaining, but I also posted about the 108 Polish martyrs killed in WWII and St. Maximillian Kolbe.

Abda of Dair Koni goes at the end because nobody cares about him because he isn’t real.