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Pennsylvania Turnpike part 2 (placing the turnpike’s failure in context 1997-2003)

This post is part of a larger series on the online history of the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. A previous post covered its physical history and precarious future, as the tunnel falls into disrepair here. Another reports on the online history … Continue reading

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Desperately trying to define “emergency”

One evening a while ago, I was heading home and saw my neighbor. I’ve seen my neighbor twice in four years of living here, and one of those times was this one; his face aghast, backlit by the porch light, hanging from a column as he watched something run past his house towards mine. The car’s headlights landed on the moving form and lit up with some degree of clarity the features of a heavy man in his mid 20’s, jogging. Naked. Clutching his crotch and plodding along at a brisk pace, considering he had no shoes and was clearly not a habitual jogger. Continue reading

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