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Pennsylvania Turnpike part 2 (placing the turnpike’s failure in context 1997-2003)

This post is part of a larger series on the online history of the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. A previous post covered its physical history and precarious future, as the tunnel falls into disrepair here. Another reports on the online history … Continue reading

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Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike Part 1

Before the asphalt was even poured, the turnpike was born of abandonment. Today the tunnels are in a precarious situation– caught between conservation efforts and financial realities, and merit more than the casual interest of road trippers. Continue reading

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Baxter Avenue Train Station

Though it was built in 1937, by the time I got there, and hadn’t seen passenger service in many decades. The line runs through past the stockyards and at some point it might have been used for livestock or killing floor escapees had holed up there; the rooms still smelled strongly of pigs. I didn’t know it at the time, but I must have passed through the negro waiting room and the ticket office. Continue reading

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Baxter Avenue Train Station

One of the first times I met up with my now ex boyfriend, we went to this train station. It’s not the typical dating meet up place, but it suited us. It was the middle of the hottest summer I … Continue reading

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Secret Places Along River Road

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