Smash the Patriarchy

A series of posts about feminism’s proximity to the patriarchy.

Smash the Patriarchy; feminism is patriarchy’s sister.

Leaving the table at the empowerment lunch and leverage as confounding variable.

Don’t act like it’s not transactional, just be clear on your terms.

Impress Me where the male gaze is not male, and a woman cannot see herself for what she is.

Capital and patriarchy’s role in enforcing weakness across multiple demographics.

You can hate women and still be a feminist.

Feminism and Class Disdain

Learn Better; education substituting for worker’s rights and community as economic safety net.

Feminists work in banks and not daycares.

Taken Seriously and how crimes committed by women are frequently not taken seriously, to the detriment of the movement.

On Resiliency as a situation and not a trait.

Context; where improving the lives of women means helping everyone they rely upon, even men.

Smash it to Bits.