Smash the Patriarchy describes feminism’s relation to the patriarchy.

Cultural survivalist Malinche, Mexican sister to Pocahontas and the embodiment of betrayal.

Hemlock Grove and misogyny has been my favorite post to write. The series, or at least season one, should get way more critical attention than it does.

I love Christina Rossetti, Victorian protofeminist authoress. Her poem Goblin Market is erotic and lush but chaste enough to fly under the radar, and it has goblins so obviously it merits a read: A Peep at Goblin Market. There are tons of references on that post, if you are writing a term paper or something and trying to make something easier on yourself.

Willa Cather took some effort to love, but I eventually appreciated her subversiveness. I contrasted three of Cather’s poem here and was scandalized by piano lessons in A Wagner Matinee